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Health Tourism India, the Indian enterprise to offer complete Health care tourism services to India, launched website under the parent company "Primes" with the aim of bridging healthcare worldwide providing an easy and direct access to the World-class Health Care Facilities, Cost-effective treatment procedures with no waiting period and premier leisure /tour opportunities offered by India. is part of the healthcare division of Prime India Biz Serrvices, registered with Government of India as a Private limited company.

Health Tourism India is a professionally managed, diversified enterprise engaged in core segments of - Health care, Health Care Recruitment Services, Panel of Doctors & Surgeons, Information technology, Tele-Communication, E-learning & Travel & Tourism Services.

Health Tourism India is being managed by a group of medical professionals and in house doctors with an experience of 18 years in the Indian Healthcare industry. At Health Tourism India, our commitment is to deliver high quality services always; our belief in values and dedication towards achieving the best is reflected in our work and client satisfaction. At Health Tourism India we commit and dedicate ourselves to our core values of always extending smiling services to the humanity with respect to every individual and the entire existence.

Health Tourism India acclaimed healthcare referral company providing superior surgical treatment options thorough World Renowned Doctors & Surgeons in India. We cater to cost sensitive overseas patients, and companies.

We make continuous efforts to help patients receive world-class medical treatments at considerably lower costs and in almost zero waiting periods. In a short span of time, we have successfully contributed to the well-being of a large number of patients from all parts of the world. We have included testimonials from some of these patients in our website. Please click here to view the same.

We are based in India (Chennai), with associates all over India. Along with our team and our affiliated hospitals & medical professionals, we are dedicated & committed towards the patients' needs and make every effort to bring relief to patients by providing effective medical treatment and personalized services & support.

We understand the importance of reliability and dependability. We work hard to gain patients' confidence. Thus we have adopted strict quality control checks at different aspects of our services. The hospitals are selected on a number of parameters including experience in specific healthcare segments, panel of doctors, certifications, infrastructural base and past records. Our panel of consultants and surgeons are highly trained and experts in their fields. Most of the doctors have graduated from top US & UK universities and have vast experience in the critical surgeries and procedures they perform. We have included testimonials of our Doctors.

It is our promise that patients can count on us at every point, from planning through the execution of their journey and treatment. We offer our assistance at every stage including pre-travel arrangements and pre- & post-medical treatment support, including passport & visa assistance, itinerary planning, selection of hospital and surgeons, treatment procedure, suitable accommodation, sight seeing of various tourist destinations and finally the much-awaited homecoming.

A large percentage of the overseas public does not have financial access to major medical procedures. These procedures can be a quality of life procedure such as orthopedic, dental cosmetic or a life saving procedure such as cardiac or oncology. Our healthcare system ignores these types of patients until their condition changes to critical. Then it is legally mandated to intervene when the patient arrives in an emergency room. This not only reduces the quality of life, it also decreases the patient's life expectancy.

Health Tourism India offers the overseas public access to high-quality medical procedures provided by certified hospitals around the world at affordable costs. We offer an alternative to the inaccessible US & Uk healthcare. Services are provided by well-trained doctors, with superior know-how and experience.

We go through great efforts to inform, educate and guide patients in making a complex process transparent and easy.

Health Tourism India is a service-focused organization. We provide superior services in a timely manner. We have an ongoing, comprehensive, quality control program to assure 100% customer satisfaction.

Wishing you all the best and complete cure and good health.

What we do

Medical tourism has been in India from years; however it has largely been unorganized with the patients generally dependant on individuals who guide more or less in a self profitable way. Further many other patients are coming through direct contact with hospitals in which case searching a right hospital is quite a long/tiresome and tedious work. It also leaves visitors to make all other arrangement by their own which can be sometime quite tough in a foreign country.

We We understand that it’s not an easy decision to trust some one for medical treatments. We as a company have come forward to address these problems and to make this service sector industry more organized. The company does not work for a particular hospital / clinic however it acts as a facilitator between patients/visitors and various hospitals suggesting various options available based on the required treatment or other services

The Company provides services to the international patient along with family to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience through out their stay.

Some of the services that we can provide:
  • Suggesting Hospitals/Clinics as per treatment required/budget.
  • World-class Treatment by UK/USA trained Doctors in India.
  • Fixation of appointment with Chief Doctors on top priority prior to arrival
  • Arranging consultations with doctors
  • Assisting in planning treatment /check up with appointment fixing and travel scheduling.
  • No waiting time for surgical procedures
  • Packages offered only for Medical Treatment till discharge from hospital.
  • Coordinating all appointments
  • Nurses/Guide.
  • Online assistance to the Patients.
Optional Services Related To Hotel Accommodation & Tour Packages:
  • Stay arrangements , pre-hospitalization and post hospitalization
  • Arranging accommodation for family members and attendants.
  • Package Tours can be organised at very reasonable cost to various places of interest in places like, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore,Hyderabad, Mumbai, Agra, etc.
  • Can fix-up guides/escorts to accompany if willing.
  • All these optional services can be availed, if desired, at nominal service fees
  • Post treatment medical check-up before departure
  • Airport transfers.
The company has contract with various hospitals/clinics, hotels, resorts, interpreters, guides to facilitate providing above services.

The company is also planning to arrange online chats and video conferencing between doctors and international patients so that they can clear doubts before they come to India

Corporate or Institutional Medical Tourism:
A new trend of health care tourism overseas is Corporate or Institutional medical tourism where corporations are coming up with employee healthcare benefits strategies that would save on corporate medical treatment costs; particularly the corporate are concerned about the rising cost of business health insurance that comes with high premiums to cover surgical interventions and hospitalization expenses for their employees.

Over the very recent past most employee health care providers have seen certain common issues such as cardiac stress, obesity and orthopedics, which are often very expensive and a setback to overall productivity levels of the employees, the solution to save cost on such things and to get better productivity level is to opt for Institutional or corporate medical treatment abroad.

HTI facilitates global corporate medical treatment abroad and provides an opportunity to strike a perfect balance between high quality employee health care and lower cost advantage on the part of the corporate expenses for the employee health care. The traditional approaches to deal with increasing cost of employee healthcare have done little to decrease the costs and sometimes lead to discontented employees whereas the corporate medical surgery treatment abroad and wellness plans provide an easy alternative to save the costs incurred on employee health care and this also keeps the employees happy when they enjoy a family vacation overseas, in privacy, comfort and relaxed setting with the experience of the world-class, advanced health care treatments.
In addition to the regular medical surgery treatment options by board certified, experienced doctors and surgeons at world-class hospital and clinical facilities, HTI also offers attractive health care packages on holistic health care therapies, lifestyle management packages, wellness programs, Yoga and meditation sessions, diabetes and hypertension management programs for the corporate clients providing employee health care plans abroad.
In addition to the regular medical surgery treatment options by board certified, experienced doctors and surgeons at world-class hospital and clinical facilities, HTI also offers attractive health care packages on holistic health care therapies, lifestyle management packages, wellness programs, Yoga and meditation sessions, diabetes and hypertension management programs for the corporate clients providing employee health care plans abroad.

International Health Tour Facilitation by HTI:
HTI facilitates medical health care tourism services to NINE countries for medical surgery treatment in ARGENTINA, BELGIUM, BRAZIL, COSTA RICA, GERMANY, HUNGARY, INDIA, MALAYSIA and THAILAND. HTI would very soon provide medical health care travel facilitation services to the hospitals and clinics in SIX other countries- PHILLIPINES, MEXICO, SOUTH AFRICA, SINGAPORE, ISRAEL and POLAND. HTI in association with the international partners also undertakes medical health care travel facilitation to FRANCE, COLOMBIA, HONGKONG, CHINA, TURKEY , OMAN and ITALY.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Listed Healthcare services :
The listed hospitals and healthcare professionals can be contacted directly regarding any query, consultation or treatment services through their listed mode of contact and their services can be availed as per their individual terms and conditions, HEALTH TOURISM INDIA is not an involving party into it.

Listed Tour/Travel services:
You can choose any tour/travel services to be combined with your Healthcare package and HEALTH TOURISM INDIA would be pleased to provide you the same. You are welcome to ask the further details on tours, price, services and terms.

Other services:
You can choose from wide range of other services provided by HEALTH TOURISM INDIA during your visit to India and are welcome to ask for the further details, price, services and terms.

HEALTH TOURISM INDIA Healthcare packages:
The Healthcare packages offered by HEALTH TOURISM INDIA in association with the premier Healthcare providers will be provided on the following Terms and Conditions.

Medical Evaluation and Quotation Estimate:
Health Tourism India consults and coordinates with its panel of doctors & surgeons for effective treatment analysis with your complete medical history and reports. We also arrange for teleconference, video chat, and online assistance with the Doctor & Surgeon to clear your doubts or queries regarding the treatment or surgery.

After the consultations and evaluation of medical records, HEALTH TOURISM INDIA would quote you the cost of the procedure. The quotation would include only the services detailed in it. If any non-predicted costs appear after the face-to-face consultations and subsequent pre-treatment medical examination or diagnostic report once you are in India, they will be properly detailed in order to obtain your authorization and consent. Before the procedure you are required to sign an authorization to debit from your credit card any exceptional non-predicted costs.

In regard to refund of unused / unutilized services (which are paid for and cancelled in advance) the refund amount would be worked out on the basis of cancellation policy as described above and the money would be accordingly refunded to the person who has made the payment to us. Please note that the refund process may take 2-4 weeks due to banking procedures.

Use of the is governed by our privacy policy. Illegal/Unauthorized Use of The Website: Illegal and /or unauthorized uses of this site, including unauthorized framing of or linking to the site will be investigated and appropriate legal action will be taken, including without limitation, civil, criminal and injunctive redress.

You agree to indemnity and hold, HEALTH TOURISM INDIA, it's directors, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents and other partners and employees harmless from any loss, liability, claim or demand, including reasonably attorney fees made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of the service in violation of this agreement and/or any breach of your representation and warranties set forth above.

In case of Medical discrepancy or conflict for importability of malpractice carried out by the patient, all the concerned parties establish and agree that all judicial action must be carried out by the patient towards the medical professional/healthcare center/hospital only within the jurisdiction of the State of Chennai, India, and that action will not be extended towards , it's managing company or any of it's directors and employees since it is a company that puts at the disposition of the patient different professional options through listing their services without exercising medicine professionally.

If there is any dispute about or involving the website and/or the service, by using this web site, you agree that the dispute will be governed by the laws of the State of Chennai, India without regard to it's conflict of law provisions. You agree to personal jurisdiction by and venue in the state and central courts of India. Acceptance of these terms:
By using the website you signify your acceptance to our terms and conditions, if you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not use this website.

Contact Us

You are welcome to send your medical test reports like MRI / X-ray through mail on the below given email address to us for medical evaluation and cost quote for the procedure.
We welcome queries from our Indian as well as foreign clients and look forward to serve them
in our best possible way.
Kindly indicate if you want to get a telephone call from them for assistance with your phone numbers,
preferred time of contact on preferred phone number- home, cell or work phone number.
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