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Cost Comparisons with other countries


There are three distinct reasons that make India the most favored and preferred destination for Orthopedic surgery operative treatment procedures, India's medical expertise, state-of-the-art technology at par with the best in the world, and the incredible cost-effective health care. As health care costs are increasing, the patients in the countries like U.S.A., Europe, Middle East, Canada, Japan, Europe, UK and Australia etc. are looking overseas for bone and joints medical / surgical operation treatments and with India's top-end, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities providing world-class healthcare for orthopedic procedures at just a small fraction (between one-fifth to one tenth) of the cost else where, India is emerging as being the most economical health Medicare destination with enormous medical healthcare cost savings on bone and joints treatments and orthopedic surgery procedures like hip joint replacement, total knee joint replacement (TKR), hip resurfacing, joint revision replacement procedures, Arthroplasty, arthroscopic procedures, shaving of cartilage, ligament reconstruction, ACL- Anterior cruciate ligament, limb lengthening, fusion procedures etc.

The total price of overseas medical healthcare travel tour package for orthopedic- joint replacement surgery procedures inclusive of orthopedic procedure cost, orthopedic doctors / surgeons fee, all consultations, surgery treatment fees, medicines- drugs and procedure consumables, medical tests- X-ray, MRI investigations, pre and post procedure accommodations at luxury Hotel, personal assistance services- escort, comfortable recuperation, Private car transfers, travel and sight-seeing tours costs can be 60% - 90% cheaper than the procedure alone costs (for the same procedure) one may find in the above-mentioned countries. Thus international patients pay less for world-class healthcare services on joint replacements- orthopedic surgery procedures, visit India (combine and enjoy family vacations /recuperation holidays / leisure travel) and at the same time can manage a big saving on health care costs by paying only a small fraction of private medical health care cost of surgery treatment in comparison to same bone and joints care procedures in their home countries eg. the average cost of total knee joint replacement- orthopedic surgery procedure in United States of America-USA is $30000 whereas the discounted cost of total knee joint replacement operation procedure in India is USD $3200 and the average cost of procedure for Birmingham hip resurfacing in United States of America-USA is $31000 whereas the discounted cost of hip joint resurfacing operation in India is USD $3000.

Similarly, the cost comparison of few other orthopedic procedures between India and other western countries is as follows-
Partial hip replacement India $4,500

Orthopedic PROCEDURES Approximate cost Elsewhere-in USD Approximate cost in INDIA- in USD

1. Arthroscopic
2. Anterior Cruciate Ligament- ACL $ 18760 $ 1890

3. Total Knee Replacements
4. Total Hip Replacements
5. Illizarov techniques
6. Fusion
7. Sports Injuries
8. Discectomy - Slipped Disc $ 18600 $ 3900
9. Polypectomy $ 9800 $ 1950
10. Carpal Tunnel Surgery $ 6800 $ 1200
11. Birmingham Hip resurfacing $ 31000 $ 3000
12. Disc Hernia $ 34200 $ 6300
13. Hallux Vagus $ 9800 $ 1200
14. Hemi Arthroplasty $ 9600 $ 2400
15. Trigger finger correction $ 3760 $ 690
16. Hip Revision* $ 30400 $ 3600
17. Knee Revision* $ 30600 $ 3900
18. Ankle Replacement* $ 30900 $ 3900
19. Arthodesis- Ankle joint Fusion $ 18000 $ 4500
20. Finger or Toe Endoprosthesis $ 14400 $ 3600
21. Partial Shoulder Endoprosthesis $ 28800 $ 5400
22. Total Shoulder Endoprosthesis $ 36000 $ 7200
23. Dynesys Surgery $ 15300 $ 3000
24. Leg Orthesis-Plain/Large/Carbon Fiber $ 18000-27600 $3000-5400
25. Shoulder Tendon Repair -Rotator Cuff $ 9560 $ 1890
26. Tendon Repair - Achilles Tendon $ 9560 $ 1890
27. Tendon Repair - Extensor $ 9560 $ 1890
28. Tendon Repair - Flexor $ 9560 $ 1890
29. Fracture - Internal Fixation $ 9120 $ 1530
30. Broken Ankle - Open Reduction and Fixation $ 9280 $ 1890
31. Bunionectomy $ 11640 $ 2160
32. Dupuytrens Contracture $ 15800 $ 2700
33. Epidural $ 9560 $ 1890
34. Shoulder Replacement $ 27720 $ 6930
35. Genu Valgum- Knock Knee Correction $ 18280 $ 4320
36. Arthroplasty

* Cost of Prosthesis / Implant not included
The low-cost joint replacement - orthopedic surgery procedures are facilitated by Health Tourism India offshore in India with inexpensive health travel tour to India, the costs of orthopedic surgery procedures are very low overseas in India and since many people are not covered by health insurance, they self-pay and are thus highly benefited by medical tour discounts for joint replacement and other orthopedic procedures abroad.

The cheaper cost of medical health care travel for surgery vacation tour abroad to India, safe and highly affordable joint replacement- orthopedic surgery overseas to India facilitated by Health Tourism India India means a big cost savings on orthopedic surgery treatment especially if it is for medically uninsured. India's low-cost, world-class, affordable, top rated, healthcare facilities- accredited, certified hospitals and clinics attract and receive global patients from over 40 countries for the personalized medical care in cost effective manner. This unique blend of top class medical healthcare expertise for orthopedic - joint replacement surgery procedures and other medical health care procedures at attractive and affordable prices is the most important factor in a constant annual growth rate of 30% in Medical tourism to India. There are many reasons contributing towards this huge medical healthcare cost differential and joint replacement- orthopedics surgery at reduced rates, the most important of these factors are:

India being a developing economy so has the very favorable currency exchange rates in comparison to GBP, USD, EURO, YEN, AUD, FRANC etc.

India, ranking very high in the list of developing countries has a vast pool of the best qualified and experienced medical/ technical / Para-medical professionals, healthcare technologies and world class institutions but the costs towards healthcare services and medical healthcare products have stayed at a extremely low-levels.

Doctors are required to pay towards Medical Malpractice Insurance, elsewhere this Insurance usually costs USD 90,000 - 140,000 annually whereas in comparison, doctors in India have to pay insurance cost as low as USD 2500 - 3000 annually.

India is the world's largest exporter of the quality Bulk Drugs therefore the cost of the high quality medicine is cheaper. The discounted health care for orthopedics- joint replacement surgery treatment costs abroad in India and the low prices does not mean low on the quality of healthcare. In fact the healthcare technologies in India are at par with that provided by the healthcare facilities in any advanced country, using exactly the same advanced technology, machines and equipments as used in USA or Europe thereby delivering similar or even better success rates. Adherence to the highest quality standards of healthcare by competent board certified orthopedics - joint replacement surgeons / doctors with priority treatment (medical surgery treatment without wait list) and personalized attention by top orthopedic surgeons positions India as the best alternative healthcare destination for nations with high medical care costs.

Many of the joint replacement orthopedic surgeons and doctors in India have graduated from top medical school universities of North America-USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia and have vast overseas healthcare surgery experience and training for performing bones and joints care- orthopedic surgery procedures from hospitals and clinical research facilities abroad in the inexpensive knee and hip joints surgery procedures they perform. Orthopedic health care services in India are always provided by well-trained orthopedic surgeons and doctors, with superior health care know-how and experience.

For your convenience, care and comfort Health Tourism India India as a medical holiday travel Management Company has overseas medical travel assistance offices to provide discounted health travel abroad information, India medical tourism assistance, and health tourism India guidance and to provide offshore medical trip help to international patients for their safe healthcare medical tour travel to India. Our trained healthcare associates and India health travel managers would be pleased to assist and guide you at the Health Tourism India global patient care centers in the following countries by receiving, processing and forwarding your health care query, providing information on top rated, accredited specialty private hospitals in India, private clinics in India, medical research and health care institute facilities in India, assist in search to find and provide information on specialist Indian medical professional consultants- board certified doctors, board certified surgeons, board certified dentists - dental surgeons and board certified physicians abroad in India, arranging online ask a doctor- free web consults and telephone consultations with best qualified doctor and experienced therapists, assisting on India visit formalities- VISA and providing info on medical surgery treatment fee discounts and the Indian affordable medical health travel tour package cost savings.

Health Tourism India India is the low priced medical health tourism agency operator and facilitation services provider has offshore health care trips assistance centers for medical health care tourism services to India for information on Indian low-cost medical surgery treatment in the following countries- North and South America- USA, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Costa Rica, Germany, Hungary, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, South Africa, UAE, Singapore, Israel, Poland, France, Colombia, Hong Kong, China, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Austria, Bolivia, Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Macedonia, Czech republic, Egypt, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Sri Lanka, Tunisia and Italy.

Health Tourism India India has included some of these overseas patient testimonials and patient stories on medical surgery treatment in Indian hospitals and clinics, in the website; you are welcome to read a few foreign patients feed back story- testimonials of visiting patients from abroad.

A large percentage of the overseas medically uninsured patients from North America- USA, NHS wait listed patients from UK and Canada, Australia, Europe and other countries do not have financial access to private medical health care and major medical surgery treatment procedures performed at private hospitals and private clinics. Health Tourism India India arranges for easy pay back finance options and financing plans for affordable medical surgery treatment procedures abroad in India for the people who are not covered by health Insurance, are underinsured, self pay or self insured.

Health Tourism India India through established relationships with finest board certified medical professionals- board certified surgeons, board certified doctors, physicians and JCI - JCAHO accredited, government registered and approved private medical Healthcare facilities in India, caters to cost sensitive overseas patients care in helping international patients receive world-class medical surgery treatments at considerably lower costs and in almost no waiting periods. Life Smile, India takes care to provide the best of concierge services for the patients traveling abroad for their medical surgery treatments to ensure world-class facilitation services for a safe and comfortable medical tour vacations travel to India. Health Tourism India India provides world-class low price facilitation services for the visiting overseas patients for their cheaper surgery treatment trip at the top rated private specialty hospital and clinical facilities in the following Indian cities- New Delhi, Mumbai- Bombay, Chennai- Madras, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Thiruvanthapuram- Trivandrum, Cochin, Kochi- Kerala, Vellore, Pune, Kolkata- Calcutta, Mohali- Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Coimbatore, Gurgaon, Noida, Thane, Panaji- Goa, Rishikesh, Dharamshala, Jaipur and Dehradun.

Orthopaedic Surgery in India
Introduction | Cost Comparision | Total Knee Replacement in India
Total Hip Replacement in India | Bilateral Knee Replacement in India

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